Harmelia Gardens Air Scouts - Sabre Flight


04 November 2013

Senior Scout visit to Missionary Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) operating a fleet of more than 135 aircraft in about 30 countries in the developing world.  

The Senior Air Scouts of our Air Scout Group were invited to visit MAF on Saturday 2nd November to view their aircraft, attend a talk on how to plan distribution of weight on their aircraft and hear about some of the interesting missions that they have done. 

Mark Liprini (pilot for MAF) also made it possible for the Air Scouts to visit the Lanseria Control Centre, the Lanseria Fire Station and finally the Lanseria Air Traffic Control.

Below is a photo of the Senior Air Scouts viewing the aircraft.

Our thanks to Mark, and to MAF, for the opportunity given  to our Senior Scouts. More information about the missions MAF have completed can be found on their website http://www.mafsa.co.za/ or their blog site  http://blog.mafsa.co.za/

30 August 2013

Test by Flight Leader

Test by Flight Leader

15 August 2013

Our New Patrol

After a few changes in our Troop, TomCat Patrol is now "up and running".

Troop Patrols are now called "Squadron Flights" and each "Flight" has their own "Flight Leader". " Flight Leaders were previously known as Patrol Leaders.

TomCat currently has 6 active members in the flight and is going to grow to 8 at the end of October 2014. We will very soon be the best "Flight" in our Squadron, as we are going to ensure that by the end of this year our Flight is the best with regards to attendance and best in competing in planned activities.